Fee Schedule

FEE SCHEDULE (effective May 1, 2012 and current as of March 6, 2018)


Fee Description FEE
Account Reconciliation $20.00 per hour
Money Order $2.00
Notary Service FREE
Research/Hour $20.00
Treasurer's Check $2.00
Treasurer's Check Copy $3.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing $20.00
Wire Transfer - International $30.00
Returned Mail Fee $5.00
NSF Fee $25.00
Stop Payment Fee $20.00
Interim Statement $5.00
Check Printing varies
Return Deposit Items $25.00
Share Draft Copy $3.00
Overdraft $25.00
Dormant/Inactive Account (after 12 months of no activity) $5.00
Reg D Overlimit Fee


Business Share Draft Monthly Fee (sole proprietor-DBA) $5.00 
VISA Credit Card Fees Amount
Late Payment Fee-If you are 5 days or more late in making a payment. $20.00

Loan Late Fees:

If your payment is more than 10 days past the due date the credit union will impose a fee equaling 5% of the payment amount. There will be a minimum charge of $5.00 and a maximum of $25.00.