2021 VT VA Federal Credit Union 81st Annual Meeting

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that our Credit Union’s 2021 Annual Meeting is scheduled to be held virtually on Thursday, June 17th beginning at 6:00pm.  Although the COVID-19 pandemic is under better control this year, the Board of Directors has chosen to have this meeting held virtually for the safety of all who participate.  However, we are all hopeful that our 2022 Annual Meeting will be able to be held in-person!

We encourage all of our members to participate in our Annual Meeting.  At the meeting, there will be a review of the reports to the membership, elections of the Board of Directors, and an opportunity for our members to ask questions relating to the Credit Union. 

To register, please send an email to annual.meeting@vtvafcu.com.  Once the Credit Union has received your email, you will be added to our list of registered attendees.  As we get closer to the June 17th date, the Credit Union will send a meeting invitation to your email that will include details of how to access the meeting.  We will also be providing you with our 2021 Annual Report at that time.

This continues to be a difficult and ever-changing time that we all are experiencing.  Together with our employees and Board of Directors, our Credit Union remains committed to being available to our membership and community.

Please click here to view our 2021 Annual Report.