Online & Mobile Banking

Initiating Online Banking

You will only have to complete these steps once.

  1. Sign up at credit union
  2. Go to:
  3. Click on: Online Banking Login
  4. User ID – use your Credit Union account number
  5. Click on forgot password
  6. Enter your Credit Union account number (NOT your email address!)
  7. Click on the email address that you want your temporary password sent to and click continue
  8. Retrieve your temporary password from your email
  9. Go back to Online Banking Logon enter your User ID and Temporary Password
  10. Answer NO to save password
  11. Click on YES to Enhance Security – choose a picture and you must answer ALL 5 security questions (Use the drop down to change each question). Please remember all of your answers as the system will randomly ask you one of the questions when signing in. Leave the Register this computer button BLANK.
  12. It is recommended that you DO NOT register any computer except for your HOME/PERSONAL computer. A few seconds to answer a security question at sign on gives your account enhanced security. This step takes you to the sign on screen.
  13. Enter your user ID and Temporary Password. At this point you will be prompted to change your password to one of your personal preference.
  14. The initial process is now complete. Every time you sign on you will see the picture you chose, which is your insurance that this is your account. Enjoy this service and convenience of being able to monitor your financial transactions 24 hours a day.

Quick Tips:

  1. On the account summary page, click on the name of each account to see details such as deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.
  2. On the account detail page, click on "Export Options" on the left hand side to export your transactions into Quicken or as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.
  3. Use the convenient auto transfer feature to automate your savings!
  4. Change your password regularly to stay as secure as possible.

Online Banking Makes Money Management Simple and Safe

Making sure your money is where it's supposed to be, when it's supposed to be there, is getting simpler all the time with online banking. Online banking services allow you to safely monitor your money, move your money, and even keep more of your money by taking advantage of timely offers.

Add convenience

Many members begin learning about online banking by monitoring account balances and tracking transactions. If you forget to record the amount of a debit card purchase at a gas station, online banking allows you to go online to retrieve a current statement that lists the transaction.

To get the App for the mobile banking just go into either Android and apple and look for VTVAFCU and download.